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Our journey getting a Tiny House

And so the journey begins

The start of our tiny house journey!

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Tiny House design with Two Bedroom Lofts, Large Kitchen, Comfortable Living Room, and Dining!

I am so excited to share the design for our tiny house! If you have never designed a tiny house before, let me tell you, it is no easy feat. My husband and I spent countless hours discussing our priorities... Continue Reading →

We signed on the dotted line!

Well, it's really official...we signed the build contract for our tiny house! We are very excited to announce that we are working with Minimaliste Houses. They have designed our custom tiny house and will be building it! More to come soon... Continue Reading →

Holding my breath: tiny house design coming soon!

All of the tiny house planning with our builder is moving along quickly, which I am so pleased by! More soon on who we chose as our builder and why. See my previous post if you're looking for information on... Continue Reading →

Selecting a Tiny House Builder

Choosing a builder to design and construct your Tiny House is probably the most important step in the process, if you're not going the DIY build route. If you are, more power to you!I want to share how we went... Continue Reading →

We’re (really) getting a Tiny House!

After many nights of pulling our hair out and weeks of trying to piece together financing options, it's official: we're getting a tiny house! The details of how it's all worked out are a bit complicated, but the bottom line... Continue Reading →

Tiny House Visits

  I'm a little behind on the blog, but a couple weekends ago my husband and I were lucky enough to visit two different tiny houses in one weekend! How special! It's so fun to see other people's tiny houses,... Continue Reading →

The challenges of financing a tiny house

I held off on posting this for a few days because it's been a rough week. Here's the update on the financing situation! Well, I'm sheepishly realizing that after singing the praises of financing for tiny houses in my past... Continue Reading →

Why financing a tiny house can be the best option

Some might cringe at taking out a loan for a tiny house, but it really can be the best option for others.

Tiny Reality Check

"It's so cute! But it's really tiny!" Those were the first words out of my mouth when we stepped into "The Oakview," the 28 foot tiny house parked in a lovely sleepy coastal town a little ways north of the golden gate bridge.... Continue Reading →

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