My mind is reeling with so much to share right now, but I guess I should start from the beginning. I’ve been fascinated with tiny houses for the last couple years. I first started seeing them online, I loved the idea of living more simply and intentionally. Not to mention they were just so cute! And the innovative use of space was just so cool and creative to me.¬†However, I never saw myself living in less than 200 square feet. My husband and I currently live in a 450 square foot studio apartment, and that seemed small enough! Not to mention I’m not exactly a minimalist (read: I have way too much crap). So, for a while I admired tiny homes from afar but didn’t seriously contemplate living in one.

All that has changed over the last couple months! A few things made us realize that going tiny would actually be feasible for us and could be a really smart decision. Here’s what changed our minds:

  1. We realized that even within the limitations of a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW), there were options out there that were on the larger end of spectrum (over 300 sure feet including lofts). This would allow for two lofts, a real kitchen, an actual living room, and some flexible dining space.
  2. When thinking about a bigger tiny house, we saw that tiny houses and starting a family didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. While we’re not planning on having kids right away, it is something we plan on. At first we didn’t think it would be possible to live tiny with kids, but there are plenty of people doing it and succeeding!
  3. Parking is always tricky, and we knew we couldn’t afford to buy land in the bay area in a location that wasn’t too remote. What we hadn’t considered is that there are actually some real possibilities for parking in someone else’s yard/land. As we looked into this more it seemed more realistic as long as we were willing to be somewhat flexible on our end.

So with that in mind, we are starting our journey in going tiny! The last two weeks have been filled with late nights staring at tiny house photos, interior layouts, researching what the heck it looks like to live off-grid, and figuring out if this even makes sense for us.

We think it does make a whole lot of sense! I think there’s a beautiful light at the end of this tunnel. So I hope you’ll follow me on this adventure¬†designing, down-sizing, creating, and eventually living tiny.

You can also follow our progress on instagram @TheTinyCasita