“It’s so cute! But it’s really tiny!” Those were the first words out of my mouth when we stepped into “The Oakview,” the 28 foot tiny house parked in a lovely sleepy coastal town a little ways north of the golden gate bridge.

You see, we have been living, eating, and breathing tiny houses for the past month or so. I came across some photos of a tiny house I just loved (style, size, layout, everything!) and save them. A little while later, I looked it up again, did a little research, and figured out that it was an Air Bnb! Looked it up and there it was. Unfortunately, the price was more than we could afford right now. But I had a thought…what if I just messaged the owner to see if she might be willing to let us take a peek? I didn’t expect much but figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

Well, and behold, she was very kind and welcoming and invited us to come take a look! So we took a lovely little roadtrip up the coast and got to see if our Tiny Casita dream was a total fantasy or if this might actually work.

We pulled up and there she was in all her 28 feet of glory! In case you can’t tell, that’s a gorgeous deck that’s open on the other sides attached to the left.

If you’re interested in staying there, check out http://www.theoakview.com or airbnb. You can see more pics there too!

I am so glad we went to see it in person. Here’s what we realized from being there. We love the modern touch cedar siding, double lofts, the airy feeling of lots of windows and white wall interior with wood floors and a few accents. We love having a dedicated living room space. We love having a real kitchen. We don’t need a huge bathroom but it does need to fit a washer/dryer. Lofts are fairly comfy and do-able. Tiny houses really are tiny (even compared to a 18 footer, this still felt smaller than we expected)! What we realized: the living room space under the master loft was a lot smaller than we anticipated/realized. We need stairs (we already knew that). We need more storage. This one is set up as a rental, so it’s missing some key storage (especially for clothing).


More than anything, it made it more real to us that we would need to make some serious sacrifices in terms of stuff, but we both felt like it was really do-able!

This visit made us get serious about going tiny! Stick with me here as I share our updates about trying to figure out the best layout for us!

Current or soon-to-be tiny housers, what was you moment of feeling like “Ok, I can really do this. This is feasible.”? Share in the comments!