I’m a little behind on the blog, but a couple weekends ago my husband and I were lucky enough to visit two different tiny houses in one weekend! How special! It’s so fun to see other people’s tiny houses, design and layout decisions, and functionality.

First, we went to meet with Chris, from Casita Verde Builders. He is a really wonderful guy who built his own tiny house and changed career paths to launch his own construction and tiny house business because he loved it so much! You can find more information and see his whole build and story at his website: http://casitaverde.weebly.com/

We met with Chris to explore the possibilities of doing a DIY or collaborative build for our tiny house, given the challenges we’ve faced securing enough financing to purchase a completed model. He gave us a tour of his lovely home and explaining details around his solar and grey water set ups. He was incredibly helpful in layout out several paths to constructing our own tiny house with various levels of support. We are really grateful for his guidance, information, and encouragement!

On our way home we got to stop by the beach on a very foggy morning. After a really challenging week of current events, it was so nice to take in the fresh, salty area and feel the breeze in my hair! I’m crossing my fingers we get to park our tiny house on the coast, it would make my heart so happy!


Then, the next day we got to go on a tour of Alexis and Christian’s tiny house (pictured above and below), from Tiny House Expedition. They are the film makers of Living Tiny Legally and they’re traveling all around the country documenting the tiny house movement’s efforts to make living in tiny houses legal. They did an incredible job with the first part of their documentary and I’m looking forward to seeing part 2 when it’s completed! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it, you can  watch  on youtube (link below). Very important work! Their site also has tons of great info, check it out. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfLAKgJGc2g



It was so fun to see their tiny house, complete with a pulley system to hoist toys into the second loft, a very inventive shoe rack, sweet hidden storage nooks, and lots of reclaimed materials. I love getting to have a peek into people’s style and priorities when it comes to tiny houses, and am so grateful that they’ve opened their space to visitors. Alexis was also nice enough to share tips about how they use uHaul to pull their tiny house on wheels.

I also really enjoyed meeting a few other current and interested tiny housers (Is that a term? If not it should be!). It was encouraging to see other people in the Bay Area really making tiny living work. I wish we would have been able to go to the film screening they had (although we had already seen it) to connect more with people, but we still had a chance to chat a bit. There were at least 30 people there to see the film and other that just stopped by for the tour! Lots of neighbors in this residential street were oggling as they walked or drive by!

That’s all of the tiny house tours for now. I’m hoping to have more updates to our tiny house status soon!