After many nights of pulling our hair out and weeks of trying to piece together financing options, it’s official: we’re getting a tiny house! The details of how it’s all worked out are a bit complicated, but the bottom line is, it’s definitely happening!

Up until now, it was our plan, our goal, but now we know we can do it, and we’re making it happen! Yay! I am so relieved, excited, and happy! The last few months have been a whirlwind. We went from not even realizing we wanted a tiny house, to wanting to make it happen ASAP. With a looming deadline of a $400 rent increase this coming April, no affordable alternatives to move to temporarily, and a grad school student budget, trying to get this tiny house show on the road was really stressing us out. Now it’s real!

So, what’s next? Well, after a lot of consideration and back and forth, we’ve decided to purchase a custom designed tiny house on wheels from a builder. For a little while we were considering doing a DIY build (with some help from a somewhat more experienced builder), but it would have taken a lot longer and saved us some money but not as much as we would have liked given the intense time commitment. Plus, it would have been mostly on my husband Alonso to do it on his own since I’m in grad school classes every other weekend. With him potentially transitioning jobs in the spring, that just seemed like a big undertaking! We were fortunate to figure out a solution that allows us to work with a builder so they can make our dream come true!

After many hours of browsing tiny house photos and layouts, and struggling to piece together the perfect layout, we’ll now get to work with professionals to make our ideas come to life! Stay tuned for info on who we chose as our builder.